Hide Windows of Running Programs

I love freewares, even more if they are Italian.

It's just out the latest version of TrayEverything, a program that in my view should be installed in every Windows machine.

Through TrayEverything you can minimize any window open in the system tray with a simple key combination.

Add to this the very useful function that allows you to hide icons in the tray to make "invisible" our workthen you will surely love this program.

If you wish to drive a "cofee breakbut fear that a colleague watch your monitoryou can also set a password for both the software and for the minimized programs.

The author of this application is Max Galbusera.


My Review of Sony ICF-DS11iP Clock Radio Docking Station

I bought this docking station a couple of weeks ago and I want to tell you what are the impressions that I got.

Basically it's a clock radio with digital radio presets and 6 (this function is very convenient because i don’t like to turn the wheel to go from one station to another), is fully equipped with two alarms configurable, A and B. It’s possible to configure each of the two alarms for working days at a time and for the weekend at a different time.

You can wake up with a buzzer or with the radio or your iPhone (or iPod). Very handy being able to set the alarm volume so don’t worry if during the day you listened to the radio too loud. There is snooze function, the display is nice and big and the brightness can be set to 3 different levels of intensity.

There is the remote, I thought it was a perfectly useless, but I had to change my mind, if the docking station is not within arm's reach (and that's my case) is convenient! ...because after I read a bit 'and I want to sleep, i don’t want having to move even an inch off the radio ...
There is a lithium battery that if the electric line go down don’t lose the time and setting alarms.

Meanwhile you listen to the iPhone (or iPod) yhe dock charge them, on the back there is an AUX input for any mp3 player.
The sound quality is the best I've ever heard in a clock radio, really good. Obviously NOT an HI-FI, so those looking for the purity of the sound or the depth of bass will look at other things and spend a looooot more ...

The only flaws I found are:
The menu navigation of the iPhone (I have a 3g) is purely sequential, if you select a playlist on the iPhone can only do play, stop, forward and back. I would have preferred more advanced features ...
The transformer is built into the plug and it is quite big, so if the plug is hidden behind the table consider that the plug-transformer has a reasonable footprint.

Overall, a purchase which I am very satisfied, from all points of view.


How to upgrade Android 2.2 Froyo on Acer Liquid E

I've had to upgrade the version of Android pre-installed on thisbeautiful smartphone to solve some limitations of Android 2.1Eclair.

In particular, the fact that you can not move downloaded applications from the phone's internal memory to memory card.

In addition to this convenient feature, there are a number of improvements that I am not here to enumerate, but the improvements are a lot of ...

The upgrade procedure is very simple for anyone even who is not an expert:

1. go to the download section of the Acer site.

2. smartphone -> liquid -> Liquid E.

3. select as Android OS 2.2 Froyo.

4. go to the OS tab and download the latest version by looking at the date.

5. extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP file.

6. Make sure your smartphone is not connected to the computer.

7. Double-click the setup.exe file. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the updated software on your computer.After the installation is complete, the Software Upgrade Utility will start automatically.

8. Connect your smartphone to your computer using the USB sync cable. Once the smartphone has been detected, the software currently installed on the phone will be displayed in the Software Upgrade Utility. Click Next to begin the update.

9. When the installation is complete, click Finish and disconnect the phone from your PC.

Before you start upgrading, the software warns that the data will be overwritten on the phone and then you lose contacts and appointments, and various software installed. To me this is not happened, after upgrading all the numbers the appointments were ok, however, make a backup before updating the phone is a good idea.


How to install Vista Sidebar on Windows XP

What beautiful windows Vista Sidebar! Want it too ...On XP!

You can do it... and in many ways! See some:

-- The Google Sidebar (here is a page of explanation, link 'features')
-- Yahoo Widget
-- DesktopSidebar

Personally, I try all 3 and I must say that the most graphically appealing are the Yahoo widget, that is really similar to Mac OS, even if I found them not very practical.

The solution proposed by Google resembles more to the concept of Vista Sidebar and has several gadgets but the graphic are weak and decisively not beatuful.

DesktopSidebar (in my view) is the best compromise between quality and design, at the end I choose this one and held only 5 panels (weather, images slideshow, stock market quotes, news and Quick Launch menu) and uninstalled others.

You what?